Bradley Fritz, AIA, LEED AP, Consultant

Music, Pianos, and architecture all weave together in Bradley's story. Drawn early to piano lessons, he turned his appreciation to the sculpture and workings of the instrument as much as the music he played (and still does). Architecture was an obvious extension of that dual interest, and, faced with a choice at Drury University, he summoned his reserves and chose both. He graduated in 2004 as a Bachelor of Architecture with minors in Instrumental Conducting as well as Global Studies, along the way conducting the orchestra, band, and pep band. His sense of commitment is undeniable, as is his ability to function at a very high level on very little sleep.

Nine years at OPN Architects in Cedar Rapids built his portfolio of outstanding performing arts buildings. In his spare time, he acted, sang, danced, played in the pit, and conducted for an un-tallied number of events in community theatres and other performing arts groups. He was midway to an MBA at the University of Iowa when we collectively realized he belonged at Threshold, the only one of us who has performed on the stage or in the pit of every venue he has designed. He shows no signs of letting up.

Highlighted Projects

  • Writers Theater
  • Flea Theater
  • Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus
  • Augustana College
  • Harvard Business School, Klarman Hall
  • Lucas Museum of Narrative Art
  • Harold L. Richards High School
  • Thomas Wolfe Auditorium



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