Gregory A. Miller, PE, INCE, Principal

Greg first learned that concert halls didn’t just happen from his high school orchestra instructor, a musician in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra who participated in the initial tuning of Meyerhoff Hall in the early 80’s. As a violinist playing with youth orchestras around Baltimore, Greg was smitten by the stories and the wonder of the process - by age 16 he had figured out that his future would be steeped in acoustics. To appease his skeptical parents, however, he initially followed a more identifiable path, leading to a degree in Mechanical Engineering from The Cooper Union.

Greg prevailed, landing at Cerami & Associates right after school, staying there for five years before moving on to Talaske where, over nine years, he consulted on a number of projects of international renown. He co-founded Pin Drop Acoustics in 2010, building a loyal following before joining Threshold in 2012. He has been an invited lecturer at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Judson University, City University of New York, the Acoustical Society of America, and the United States Institute of Theatre Technology.

Highlighted Threshold Projects

Carl P. Giegold, FAIA, LEED AP, Partner
Scott D. Pfeiffer, FASA, Partner
Dawn R. Schuette, FAIA, LEED
AP, Partner
Robin Glosemeyer Petrone, Principal
Gregory A. Miller, PE, INCE, Principal
Constance Walker, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Laurie R. Kamper, AIA, Senior Consultant
Jason T. Kartak, Senior Consultant
Rob James, Senior Consultant
Andrew Nagel, CTS, Senior Consultant
Aaron Johnson, CTS, Consultant
Shane J. Kanter, Consultant
Jennifer Nelson Smid, Consultant
Tim Perez, CTS-D, Consultant
John Strong, Consultant
Mercer Aplin, Consultant
Bradley Fritz, Consultant
Marcus R. Mayell, Consultant
Christopher Springthorpe
Samantha Weller
Lisa M. Pleviak, Keeper of the Books
Julie Parks, Financial Coordinator
Sydney Nogle, Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator