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Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Verizon Hall

After opening in 2001, Verizon Hall quickly became famous for its cello-inspired form and respected, but not loved, for its orchestral acoustics. Kimmel's charge to Threshold at the start of our work in 2009 was to build on the strengths of the hall and find the yet-unrealized potential for orchestral presence and impact without harm to the soloist and amplified acoustics.

Summer 2010 saw completion of a new, massive chamber ceiling for the pipe organ, an improvement lauded by the organbuilder that also improved orchestral warmth. Summer 2011 brought substantial changes to the stage wall geometry – to the delight of the orchestra, who now hear themselves as an ensemble and the room as an ally, and to praise from patrons and critics, who hear richer strings, greater presence, and more life in the room. New moving stage wall elements are massive for acoustic support but operable to facilitate stage access.