Our Project Experience

Threshold Acoustics LLC was established to provide room acoustics and audio/video design consulting services for performance and education facilities, worship spaces, cultural buildings, and other places of public assembly. Threshold’s approach to acoustics consulting emphasizes reinforcing the visual realm with the subtlety, variety, and even surprise that an awareness of the aural realm can bring to the built environment.

Beyond its core practice in cultural and religious buildings, Threshold applies its expertise to more diverse areas that affect people on a daily basis: helping communities develop noise ordinances that more capably address the many sources of urban noise; working to improve classrooms for all students, particularly the hearing impaired; and bringing an acknowledgment of the aural environment to the LEED building certification process. Threshold approaches room acoustics, audio/video systems, noise control, and sound isolation as inseparable parts of a whole and with the partners’ close involvement in all disciplines on every project.