Threshold Acoustics, LLC was established in 2006 to provide room acoustics and audio/video design consulting services for performance and education facilities, worship spaces, cultural buildings, and other places of public assembly. Its partners, Carl Giegold, Scott Pfeiffer, and Dawn Schuette, were formerly senior design and management staff at the acclaimed acoustics firm Kirkegaard Associates, where they led efforts on some of that firm's most prominent music, theatre, and religious buildings.

Our staff bring backgrounds in music, theater, electrical engineering, physics, live sound, and architectural acoustics. With the partners' close involvement in all disciplines on every project, we approach room acoustics, audio/video systems, noise control, and sound isolation as inseparable parts of a whole.


Carl P. Giegold  ⎟ Scott D. Pfeiffer  ⎟ Dawn R. Schuette
Robin Glosemeyer Petrone  ⎟ Gregory A. Miller  ⎟ Constance Walker
Laurie R. Kamper  ⎟ Jason T. Kartak  ⎟ Rob James ⎟ Andrew Nagel
Shane J. Kanter  ⎟  Jennifer Nelson Smid  ⎟ Tim Perez  ⎟ John Strong
Aaron Johnson ⎟ Marcus R. Mayell ⎟ Mercer Aplin ⎟ Rob Miller ⎟ Brandon Cudequest
Laura Brill ⎟ Jeremy Estes ⎟ Samantha Weller⎟ Christopher Springthorpe
Kara Boyd  ⎟  Lauren Ronsse  ⎟  Marysa Abbas
Lisa M. Pleviak  ⎟  Julie Parks  ⎟  Kristee Genna  ⎟  Sydney Nogle