project details

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

Design/Build Construction Contractor
Sullivan & Cozart, Inc.

Theatre Consultant
Harvey Marshall Berling Associates

Acoustics Consultant
Threshold Acoustics

Original Building Acoustics Consultant
Jaffe Holden

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Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, Robert S. Whitney Hall

A 2,400-seat multi-use venue designed in the early '80s, Whitney Hall has struggled with uneven, sometimes distant acoustics for orchestra while over-reverberance, echoes, and harshness have characterized its amplified events, even following a recent replacement of its audio system. In many cases, the same architectural elements are behind both sets of issues, so a great deal is being accomplished for all users with only a limited number of modifications. New technical and architectural modifications are focusing on subtlety for amplified sound and impact for the orchestra and opera.