Aaron johnson, cts, consultant

With an artist's eye, an entrepreneurial bent, and seemingly boundless energy, young Aaron divided his attentions between visual arts (clay and mixed media, including his own team of action figures), saxophone (lead alto at State), electronics (after dissecting his parents' radio), and woodwork, the latter two leading to a modest inventory of homemade loudspeakers in his parents' basement. A music store internship during high school led to his first experience with audio system installs and set him firmly onto his professional course, with some interesting detours.

His first inclination in college was art, harkening back to the childhood pursuits, but he soon transitioned to Physics, propelled by the loudspeakers and curiosity about what was going on inside them. Pondering his direction, he worked for a year in a cabinet shop fabricating and installing custom millwork and then (following motivations we cannot fully explain) started a mall kiosk franchise that succeeded beyond his wildest expectations, further fueling the entrepreneurial tendencies. Perhaps as a result of that success and a desire to better understand the forces behind it, he changed again to a business major, completing his BA at Kansas Wesleyan University in 2005 – all the while pursuing woodcraft expressed in hand-carved guitars and a now-considerable pile of loudspeakers in the basement.

Back at school, he returned to the music store, in a month becoming director of the installation department, and in the ensuing several years leading design engineering for integrators that include dB Integrated Systems, CAVCOM and Integrity Systems and Designs, Inc. In 2010, he formed Johnson AV Engineering, at last shaping a design company all his own. He joined Threshold five years and one beloved son later, that burgeoning pile of loudspeakers now spilling out of the basement and, to our delight, into the office. He is nothing if not persistent.