bury st edmunds, england

Project Team

Hopkins Architects Ltd.

Theatre Consultant
Carr & Angier

Acoustics Consultant
Threshold Acoustics
Kirkegaard Associates (AV/Noise Control)

"I am writing to say what a pleasure and privilege it was for us to give the first orchestral concert in the Apex. There have been so many multi-purpose halls built in the last few decades which are acoustic disasters which makes it all the more difficult to enjoy classical music in them. The Apex is 100 percent excellent acoustically, especially for an orchestra such as EUCO, and ideal for chamber music. I can say absolutely it is one of the best halls in which we have played anywhere in Europe.”

- Ambrose Miller, Director-General European Union Chamber Orchestra

The pride of Bury St Edmunds, Apex is a finely detailed, 500-seat multi-use facility serving orchestral events, theater, dance, opera, touring rock, jazz, and world music – and sometimes even boxing matches.

A thick, handmade brick wall holds up the roof and creates the enclosure, while voids in the walls provide ready-made paths for supply air (no ducts required!) and conduits. This ingenious approach also narrows the room acoustically (a very good thing) and improves both structural and acoustic performance. Wool banners on rollers tuck beneath the side galleries to adapt the acoustics of the room to Apex's unusually wide spectrum of events.