Christopher Springthorpe, consultant

Christopher’s musical history began about as early as is possible with his participation in a choir for Verdi’s Requiem, just prior to his birth. (It wasn’t a singing part, but we still think it counts.) With Dad a high school music teacher/composer/conductor/pianist/clarinetist and Mum a coloratura soprano, music was completely unavoidable at home. It led to his taking up cello at age five and continuing straight to Wigmore Hall a few short years later as a member of the prestigious Pro Corda international music academy. Rules being rules, he was forced against his instincts into rugby while in secondary school at St. Albans School in the UK, but he discovered a love for the sport as well as some aptitude for field hockey and the javelin, learning something about team play in settings very different from the stage.

Interestingly enough, he went to work for a day at the tender age of eleven in the office of London’s SoundSpaceDesign, we think the earliest foray into the acoustics profession of any of us at Threshold, and it piqued an enduring technical interest in musical sound. He carried that interest through St. Albans and on to the University of Hartford in Connecticut, earning a BSE in Acoustical Engineering and Music while serially interning at acoustics consultants Bickerdike Allen Partners and Sandy Brown Associates (both in the UK), and finally at Threshold. The latter proved an inevitable fit, and he is now a Chicagoan, bringing his intellect and stealthy wit to Threshold, on the side keeping up those chops as a cellist in the Oak Park River Forest Symphony.