rubenstein Arts Center at Duke university
Durham, north carolina

Project Team

William Rawn Associates

Theatre Consultant

The Rubenstein Center is conceived as a laboratory for the arts as they interact with the sciences. The building houses a studio theatre, the student radio station, and the Dance department. Duke’s Arts of the Moving Image program is served by an intimate screening room with digital cinema, 35mm and 16mm projection systems as well as lab and studio spaces with video and motion capture, playback, production, and editing capabilities. The Slippage Studio hosts an immersive, multimedia and dance performance program that uses video processing, motion capture, and other technology to explore the intersections of African American studies, Gender and Feminist studies, and Theater in a broad interdisciplinary institute. 

A series of spaces fitted out with dance-able floors, pipe grids lighting circuits, AV infrastructure, and even running water serve short-term research and composition projects that combine traditional visual and performing art forms with the science and engineering disciplines. Large sliding doors separate these spaces from the common space, creating a unique sense of community while allowing privacy when required.