Inspiration Corporation

Project Team

Wheeler Kearns

The Inspiration Corporation’s mission of sustainable, holistic community is supported by their new facility that features a meeting room, counselling offices, training kitchen, and an excellent 80-seat restaurant.

The dining room itself was approached as a place of serenity and respite from its urban surroundings, a challenge complicated by the CTA’s elevated Green Line just a few feet from the front façade. Secondary glazing for the windows and additional mass in the roof system – all with economical, common sense detailing – provide just enough protection from the trains without having pressured the budget. To economically calm unavoidable restaurant clatter, absorption and diffusion are concentrated on just two key walls that are treated as sculpture, building upon the acoustic character of the building’s brick and timber structure to yield a disarmingly elegant environment of respite and calm, a too-rare venue where all walks of life mingle.