Jason kartak, senior consultant

Jason’s interest in music and theatre developed amidst a family of engineers, so he was perhaps destined to find a pursuit that combined performance, a critical ear, and an inclination to tinker. He played viola and bass through high school, performing on the stage and in the pit, but quickly gravitated toward the console (driven by his interest in technology and a sense that it could surely be done better). He discovered his gift for technology and found his passion there. He mixed for local bands as early as high school, earned his living for several years as an audio engineer and then Technical Director for a mega-church, and keeps his hands in it to this day as a freelance audio engineer. Along the way, he picked up an Associate’s Degree in CAD/CAM and Electrical Engineering from Anoka Technical College in Minnesota and spent several years as an R&D electrical engineer for ADC Systems developing new patchbays and connectors.

In his 10 years as a senior designer design director at Audio Logic Systems, an AV systems design and installation company, he worked on an impressive portfolio of projects ranging from churches to performing arts centers, gaining the installer’s perspective and demonstrating his forthright, affable approach to the design office as well the jobsite. We met him on one of those sites, recognized the fit, and now benefit from his organizational skills, his talent and depth as a designer, and his grace under pressure.