Finding things to do when growing up in the open expanse of desert just outside of Las Vegas wasn’t hard for Jeremy. First: in spite of one’s desert locale, take up swimming. Second: get inspired by one’s Death Metal guitarist cousin and start taking music lessons. Fortunately for us, the latter activity took just as strong of a hold on him as the former. When he wasn’t in the pool, swimming his way to National Championships, he was playing violin and learning about recording. A fortuitous recruiting trip for the swimming program at the University of Chicago exposed him to the cadre of unique, genuine, self-motivated people who tend to matriculate at said school, leading him into a dual major of Physics and Philosophy.

After working in the playground of Physics for a stint, Jeremy found himself at the Logan Center as a stagehand, taking a deep-dive into a playground of another sort as he discovered live sound. The boldness that brought him from Nevada to Chicago emerged again, as he steered himself away from physics and towards sound design as a life pursuit. While earning his degree, Jeremy freelanced and worked his way up at the Logan Center, eventually landing at Threshold’s door as a valued member of our AV staff.