John Strong, Senior consultant

John started quietly with interests in music and just generally tinkering with things, over-achieved with dual Bachelors degrees in Music Theory and Electrical Engineering at Notre Dame, and topped off his education with a Masters degree in Architectural Sciences from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Architectural Acoustics, Engineering Acoustics, and Psychoacoustics). As the majors suggest, his interests lie in the intersections of music, technology, and art, and his pursuits bear this out. He has arranged, directed, performed, mixed and mastered in jazz, classical, Celtic, and electronic genres. For five years, he taught music theory and technique to grade school students in suburban Chicago.

He is our resident expert on the design and assembly of tube-based audio electronics, plays guitar, saxophone, and piano, dabbles in trombone, trumpet, euphonium, clarinet, and flute, and sings when he catches his breath. He was honored in school with the Paul Bertolini Jazz Soloist Award at Notre Dame, and is the only one of us who appears on the same Irish traditional CD as Regis Philbin (who sings Too Rah Loo Rah Loo Rah). It’s a niche market, but he’s nailed it.

He has lectured and programmed aural simulations for the Acoustical Society of America, the Audio Engineering Society, and the American Institute of Architects.