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julie parks, financE

Julie's storied career begins with a BA from the University of Michigan in a year we will not name, followed by an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University. In between, she spent a few years at ITEL Corp. in San Francisco, returning to Chicago to work at the Northern Trust and as Assistant Treasurer at the Marmon Group for the Pritzker family. Opportunity knocked in the mid-eighties, and she moved to JMB Realty as a Vice President, negotiating enormous financing deals ("they're only zeros", she says of the many digits involved) as JMB snapped up properties and companies throughout North America, ultimately rising to Managing Director in charge of debt investment products. She then became Chief Financial Officer of National Equity Fund, a large not-for-profit devoted to syndicating tax credits for low income housing across the country – $600 million annually, a million or two a time. Lots to keep track of.

More keenly interested in her family than tax credits, she stepped away from finance to focus on her children through their middle and high school years. The kids now well-launched, she comes to Threshold massively over-qualified for her financial planning and analysis role, bringing clarity to the numbers and most capably pointing the ship toward rigor, predictability, and clarity.