Kristee Genna Headshot.jpg


Kristee’s path to business management began in childhood when, at 5 years old, her family opened a restaurant. It soon became a family living room, was for her a source of both walking-around money and family pride in high school, and even now remains a part-time source of comfort, identity, and friendships nearly three decades old. Such is the nature of Kristee’s dedication. All those order tickets and the conversations behind them taught her a lot about the inner workings of the trade, to say nothing of human nature, and we have no doubt whatsoever that the cash register balanced down to the penny every night.

In parallel, she pursued a remarkable career in softball, beginning at age 5. By 12, she had concentrated in fast-pitch; by 14, she was on the travel team; and by 18, she was representing the United States in the Spirit of America World Cup in Lyon, France, where one of her childhood coaches was taking leave from his position at Robert Morris University in Chicago to coach the US team. Realizing that his work was not done, he recruited her to RMU’s collegiate team with a full ride, and she obliged with four years of great ball that included giving the Cuban men’s team a run for their money in an exhibition game the next summer. She went on to complete a BA in Business Management, bringing to bear all those years of restaurant experience in accounting and interpersonal relations.

We are the grateful beneficiaries of that lifelong training and discipline as she manages the computers and tracks the expenses of two dozen peripatetic consultants who wouldn’t know what to do without her.