Laura Brill

Daughter of a music teacher and a Springsteen-loving lawyer, Laura debuted at age 3 with a rousing, spontaneous Battle Hymn of the Republic delivered in a Houston Home Depot to a smattering of onlookers who had no idea they were there at the inception. She quickly gravitated towards performance on a larger (and more structured) scale by joining the Houston Children’s Chorus, but her heart was most fervently drawn to musical theatre which she pursues to this day. In high school, she discovered that calculus and physical sciences came to her as easily as Rodgers and Hammerstein, leaving her with a bit of a dilemma when considering her future. Her approach, of course, was to do both, and she breezed to a double degree in Theatre Arts and Physics from Nebraska Wesleyan University. (In delightful counterpoint to typical American parenting, it was the physics degree that her mother couldn’t imagine being useful.)

Along the way, a mentor pointed out that music and physics were manifestations of a common language, and a life direction was at hand. A Masters in the acoustics program of Architectural Engineering at University of Nebraska-Lincoln led her to Threshold, where her dual life continues – genetic algorithms by day, triple-time steps and pirouettes on local stages by night. Boundless energy never hurts.