marcus r. mayell, consultant

Marcus’s pin on the map lands about an hour from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan. His agrarian upbringing blended with an exceptionally early interest in music – violin at age 3 (it was nearly as tall as he was) and voice soon after that. One can imagine his serene and thoughtful manner equally at home in the wheat fields, the recital hall, and the trout stream. After not too many years he was playing lead roles in youth theatre and performing as a section violinist in the Regina Symphony Orchestra, somehow finding the time to develop a wonderful hand for pen and watercolor. He is the only one of us who has soloed for both Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and the Governor General of Canada, and not at the same time, either.

After securing a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Wheaton College, he took his many skills to Judson University for a Master of Architecture, with acoustics in the back of his mind and a mentor, there, in professor and acoustician Ian Hoffman. In the midst of his studies, he interned at Threshold, sketching and coding his way into our hearts, and perhaps taking some inspiration back to Judson for his thesis work in parametric design for concert halls. He very quickly thereafter took his place at Threshold, still managing to perform regularly in his free time (and sometimes at work).