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WINNETKA, illinois

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By 2015, New Trier High School’s student body of 4,000 had outgrown its 117-year old campus. With no available land on which to construct new facilities, the school’s existing cafeteria, tech arts, and music buildings were demolished to allow a new, 4-story structure to be nestled between the remaining classroom, gymnasium, and auditorium theatre buildings. The new LEED-Gold certified addition houses a library, cafeteria, applied arts/maker spaces, a culinary lab, interconnected visual arts studios, a technology support bar, STEM laboratories, core and flexible classrooms, and the school’s performing arts facilities.

The performing arts spaces include orchestra, band, jazz, chamber and two choral rehearsal rooms with the larger of the two choral rooms doubling as a recital and dance rehearsal space. In addition to practice rooms, a music theory and keyboarding lab, proscenium theatre, studio theatre, drama rehearsal, recording studio, media stage/video studio and a radio station round out the rooms supporting a robust performing arts curriculum.