the perelman center for
performing arts at the world trade
New york, new york

Project Team


Executive Architect
Davis Brody Bond

Theatre & AV Consultant

The Ronald O. Perelman Center for the Performing Arts will be a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary performing arts center, offering artists the latest theatrical design and technological opportunities to create boundary-pushing work, unlike anywhere else in New York City.

Located at the World Trade Center, the Perelman will be a beacon of hope that celebrates life and humanity, producing and premiering work from leading multicultural, international artists in theater, dance, music, film, and chamber and new opera.

Its bold, unforgettable performances will redefine Lower Manhattan as a prime cultural destination and serve as a living testament to the power of the arts to inspire, entertain, and unite us.

Designed to surprise, delight, and entice, the Perelman’s ‘Mystery Box’ building will provide a one-of-a-kind home for the performing arts that both respectfully embraces memory and celebrates vitality, creation, and rebirth.

Shrouding a rugged workhorse interior, the 138-foot-tall cubed-shaped building will be clad in translucent, book-matched marble.

During the day, the facade will allow in light, while creating a reflective exterior that respectfully cloaks the building’s inner life. At night, the facade will dissolve to emit a warm, amber glow, shining like a beacon of hope onto the plaza.

Three auditoria (499/199/99 seats) and a rehearsal room, which can double as a fourth venue, are separated by movable, acoustic guillotine walls allowing for 11 different arrangements of the space.

Creating a radically different environment for each show—from an intimate black box setting to a cavernous rock venue—the space can adapt to the needs of artists, as well as construct different audience experiences.

Audiences and visitors will constantly be surprised as the theaters, seating arrangements, front-of-house hallways and processional spaces transform from performance to performance.