Rock and Roll hall of fame
cleveland, ohio

Project Team

Westlake Reed Leskosky

Acoustics Consultant
Jaffe Holden (original)

Interior renovations of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame made way for new exhibit and theatre spaces highlighting the Roots of Rock and Roll - from Elvis to the Beatles - on to the investigation into their the lasting influences in today’s rock music with the Beat Goes On. In a museum that celebrates the prevailing sentiment of “turn it up to 11”, striking the balance between infectious energy and thoughtful listening hinges on the precise control of sound propagation.

Rock and roll is allowed to permeate throughout the space as the patron beings their experience purchasing tickets in the atrium then entering into the exhibits, drawing the observer into the experience. Individual exhibits are shaped to control the delivery of audio content, with surfaces doubling as visual display and acoustic control, directing the message to those patrons viewing it while limiting disruption to those in a neighboring exhibit.