Samantha weller

Samantha’s parents knew they didn’t have a princess on their hands when she asked for a power drill for Christmas. That was in high school when she was already a veteran of Habitat for Humanity through church mission trips in the United States and Central America. In fact, when Mom came along on one of those trips, the whole family ended up catching the HH bug. Sami’s commitment is that infectious.

With lots of family interest in theatre, extracurricular time in high school naturally focused on the stage where, on a production of Metamorphoses, an inspired (and obviously fearless) technical director saw her interest, energy, and imagination, and set her on her course, with sound design a particular interest. At the University of Cincinnati, College Conservatory of Music, she earned a BFA in Technical Design and Production under Tim Ryan and Chuck Hatcher while serving as, variously, Master Sound Technician, Mix Engineer, and Sound Designer for productions including die Fledermaus, Flagstaff, and Anything Goes… but those formative years building houses reasserted themselves at some point along the way, leading her to Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies. There, under Dr. Michael Ermann, she put it all together, earning a Master of Architecture with an emphasis on architectural acoustics and a theatre thesis project. With that background, she really gave us no choice – she is now indispensable to both our acoustics and AV groups.