Scott D. Pfeiffer, FASA, Partner

Scott’s path in architectural acoustics began on the elementary school stage, went on to roles in high school musicals and then recitals as part of his music education at Moravian College. With acoustics his main interest, he completed a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Honors in Music and then moved on to graduate studies in the Acoustics Laboratory at the Technical University of Denmark. For two decades, Scott has participated in virtually every aspect of the acoustical consulting profession, from modeling and measurements to leading the design of complex rooms, audio and video installations, and electronic enhancement systems.

Scott has been honored as a Fellow in the Acoustical Society of America for his accomplishments in the design of worship and performing arts spaces as well as his leadership in pursuing great Unanswered Questions, a topic he explored at length in the ASA’s Knudson Distinguished Lecture in 2012. He was keynote speaker at the University of Michigan’s 2013 Saturday Morning Physics conference, lecturing a rapt audience of 1,000 on physics, perception, and uniqueness. He also serves on the Knowles Hearing Center Advisory Board at Northwestern University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Durham School Architectural Engineering Industry Advisory Committee. Yes, he is an over-achiever.