shane j. kanter, Senior consultant

Shane counts Legos, Erector Sets and model trains as his earliest passions. Household appliances were subjected to impromptu dissections, and musical interests included all things percussive. We can only imagine his parents’ relief when he ventured off to college (University of Kansas, Master of Arts in Architecture – the childhood pursuits left their mark). While at Kansas, Shane discovered architectural acoustics in a lecture by the venerable and beloved Bob Coffeen, and he never looked back. By the time he graduated, he had already assisted Bob in real-world efforts such as the taming of a round, domed gymnasium, one of the more difficult geometries in the acoustical world.

At Threshold, he currently holds the record for Most Excruciatingly Complex Acoustic Model (the historic Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids) and proves his versatility in every project he touches. He has presented numerous papers to the Acoustical Society of America and is an ASA Newman Medalist for Excellence in the Study of Acoustics and its Application to Architecture. He is an Affiliate Member of the American Institute of Architects for whom he has lectured and prepared demonstrations on acoustics.