cathedral of the immaculate conception
springfield, ILLINOIS

Project Team

Graham & Hyde Architects


  • Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA) and Faith & Form's magazine's "2010 Honor Design Award"

In 2010, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception completed its first major renovation since its original construction in the 1920s. A new audio system, utilizing zoned column arrays located close to the congregation, provides excellent clarity as well as the ability to turn off coverage to the rear half of the pews for lightly attended services.

New, shaped GFRG panels replace old absorption over the sanctuary and front area of the nave to control echoes from the high ceiling, yet support non-amplified music and voice. Other absorption on the nave ceiling has been removed, and the original plaster resurfaced, to provide better support for congregational singing and enhanced projection for the choir and future new organ in the rear balcony.