walton arts center
fayetteville, arkansas

Project Team

Boora Architects

Theatre Consultant
Schuler Shook

The redevelopment of the Walton Arts Center at the heart of Fayetteville will bring new audiences and expanded vitality to downtown. The city wanted to expand the arts-focused events hub that host drama and music performances as well as a range of special events to enhance rental revenue.

The project includes renovations to the 1200-seat Baum Walker Hall, a space that had not been touched since opening in 1992. The deeply scalloped side and rear walls of the hall presented a challenge in providing even coverage of non-amplified sound.  Reshaping of portions of the perimeter along with installing a new loudspeaker cluster prepared the Hall for a wider range of performance types.

Expanded lobbies and a new addition to Starr Theater also provided new space for events. The Starr is designed to be a highly-versitile space, with refined finishes that diffuse sound and provide acoustic envelopment, retractable seating for 250, variable acoustics that allow the space to adapt to both natural acoustics and amplified sound allow the center to host events ranging from a recital to a wedding reception.